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    Diritti degli animali    Abandonned dog nearby mottola - emergency - Discussione n 98751 - (p)Link

   Abandonned dog nearby mottola - emergency

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Registrato dal: 24-08-2017 | Messaggi : 9 0    Post Inserito 01-09-2017 alle ore 14:18   

I have sent few emails to the association in Mottola.
They asked me for my address and phone.
Nothing else, and I have been waiting for 4 days now.
I don t know if it s normal???

I still keep in touch with the owner. He accepts to talk to the association...but I don t know what it will happen then!
I don t dare to send other emails to the association, because I m afraid they become upset!

I tried to grab some information on the Internet, but nothing really helpful!

Is there another way to make it works?

Thanx for your help

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misssmith | CV STAFF
Registrato dal: 16-05-2008 Da: Aprilia | Iscritto al CV Forum Club | Messaggi : 22549 1315    Post Inserito 05-09-2017 alle ore 06:23   
I imagine the association will receive thousend of mails and requests for help. Try again, you have nothing to lose.

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